Nosebleed - Rise Of The Robots, 2009

diy, 2009
Hardcore/Punk metal

(12 tracks, 35 min, Mp3@320kbps, 85MB)

''Nosebleed got together in 2005. Played a whole bunch of small gigs all 'round the country, a couple of mediocre ones, and one real big one, at Exit Festival's Metal Hammer Stage in July 2006. at 3 a.m. demon hrs. In 2009. the band records their full length debut "RISE OF THE ROBOTS". As they realize no one buys cd's any more they decide to give it away for free.... So they put it up online. Same year, On March 21st, , they made their first show outside the country. That happened in Skopje, Macedonia. Cool people. 2010. "I WAS IN A SUBCULTURE AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY EP" happens, and once again, it's available for free download. If you wanna book a show or something, write here. Cheers.'' from: Nosebleed MySpace

This is really great powerful Hardcore, soaked in just enough metal to please punkers just as metal heads.
You will be surprised how great songs fellows from Belgrade recorded with help of some friends in diy style. Very melodic but pissed enough to stay in ears.
So as said guys from Nosebleed are offering this as free download, but don't let that fool you about quality of these two albums!
Both albums have never been officially released as physical copy, but would be worth every cent if available
 as records. Be sure to have this!


Nosebleed - I Was In A Subculture And All I Got Was This Lousy EP, 2010

diy, 2010
Hardcore/Punk metal

(04 tracks, 12 min, Mp3@320kbps, 32MB)


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