Growing Rats

Growing Rats - No More Silence, 2007

diy; BUM Records, 2007

(09 tracks, 14 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@320kbps, 40MB)


Growing Rats - Podzemlje (demo), 2005

diy; Shupak Records, 2005

(13 tracks, 27 min, CD~?~wma9.1~WMA@128kbps, 25MB)

''We started in october 2004. At first, there were just 3 members, those were Matic (guitar), Nejc (bass), Ales (drums), who gave the idea to create a band. After couple of months playing together, we needed to complete our sound so we asked around, and soon the 2nd guitar, came by new member Tomaz. Soon we started to write our own songs, because we already had a gig scheduled after only a week of practicing so its obvious how it all sounded. honestly, crap! At first we actually didnt know what we want to play, really. someone wanted to play 3-chord punk, someone fast punk rock, e.g. pennywise, bad religion....and someone hardcore. And hardcore it was...

We also recorded a demo CD in september 2005 and released our CD No More Silence (somewhere between 2007 and 2008 :) ). Our lyrics, are mostly about people..s relations, politics, social and scene problems etc etc. we hope people will support us, and just to mention, we do it for the fun, and not for the money....money sucks, as 4 sivits say!! KKxHC! '' read the complete bio at GR MySpace.

Here you have demo and first album of Krško's HC Growing Rats.
It's a mix of punk, old school and NYHC sounding Hardcore.
As said, critical songs in form of fast short punk/hc. Young band that already broke up and reunited just recently. This is not super great, but the honesty of HC sound is there for sure. If they decide to keep up making music, we can expect only rise of quality and lot of cool punk in the future.
There is also the song JAD, from Tribute to RAZLOG ZA compilation, included in the download.


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