Defeater - Lost Ground

Defeater - Lost Ground, 2009

USA (Massachusetts)
Bridge Nine Records, 2009
new Hardcore

(06 tracks, 19min, CD~EAC~flac~FLAC@lossless, 145MB)

''Defeater is a band recognized not only for their obvious musical talent, but also for their social awareness and environmental activism in a musical landscape plagued with insincerity and complacency. The Massachusetts-based band formed two years ago with the premise of utilizing a musical platform for good; whether it be starting an environmentally conscious company or writing albums about oppression and equal rights. With one full-length release under their belt (2008’s Travels) and an EP on the horizon (Lost Ground, in stores November 17, 2009), Defeater is once again releasing a musically precise and genre-bending album that will redefine the term “forward-thinking music”. '' (from B9 - read MORE)

This is great EP that isn't even that short for Hc. Be sure to check it if you like so called new HC bands. It was released as a CD and double gatefold 7'' vinyl.
These guys sure are my favorites.  Also check their debut full length album called TRAVELS.



Anonymous said...

whats the archive password for the .rar file?

Machete said...

There's no password, looks like the .rar is corrupt. Will look into it and fix it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This album is the dankness

Jupiter said...

Thanx so much for this on FLAc, but track 5 has crc errors... reup please??

Machete said...

Will get on to it in a couple of days.

Jupiter said...

Any chance of re-up any time soon?? Track 5 is crc bad, the rest of songs are ok!... Thanx.

Machete said...

Hey, sorry to let you wait, I forgot about it.

here's track 5: