SODN DAN - Sodn dan

SODN DAN - Sodn dan, 2002

diy, 2002

(15 tracks, 31 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@V0, 47MB)

Band coming from Železniki is musically leaning on bands like Discharge, MOB 47, Driller Killer, E.N.T. ... Lyrics are anarchistic and critical to society anomalies like fascistic ideas and race for material wealth...

The band released this CD in a diy style, They also have a split LP with Bolesno Grinje from Pula, Croatia.
If you are not scared of a non radio-friendly bands, this one you have to check out.

You can still get the CD and split LP by contacting: sodndan@gmail.com



zombac said...

komad 9. izgubljena prihodnost crc error

Machete said...

meni predvaja normalno.. zamenji player ali pa probi šenkrat downloadat / unrarat.

Ima še kdo ta problem?

yogi said...

cheers machete, yes, track 09 is invalid...