IN-SANE - Trust these hands... are worthless

IN-SANE - Trust these hands... are worthless, 2009

MoonLee Records, 2009
Punk rock/HC

(12 tracks, 33 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@320kbps, 78MB)

After some years we finally awaited the second album from the hands of IN-SANE. Trio that executed numerous shows from their debut 'Keeping Ourselves Close To Our Hearts' and improved with this album in all directions. They even included the Fat Nuns song Mrtev policaj (dead cop), that sounds great and contributes greatly to the tracklist.
Songs are more stable to be honest and that goes for lyrics and music it self than on debut cd.

The didjeridu intro is just awesome and the album continues pretty much in this manner to the end. I would maybe end the album with the 'Amplify the words' and put the instrumental last song as hidden track..

This album is great achievement in Slovenian punk rock space. You will not regret buying it.
So GET it at MoonLee Records, Storm Inside distro or maybe direct from the band at their MySpace.
Every support counts!



FuseRed said...

great site, cheers for the window in to Slovenian punk/HC - shame this one is down...

Machete said...

fixed, thanks for noticing