Kennybal Smith - Small actions - big reactions

Kennybal Smith - Small actions - big reactions, 2007

KBS records, 2007
Punk, melodic HC

(13 tracks, 34 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@320kbps, 116MB)

Cuz I'm lazy and a bit sick atm., here is a nice copy/paste of KS bio written by the band at MySpace.
It doesn't get more accurate than this:

''Arised in 2003 by a few punk-rock/HC lovers fortunate enough to bump into each other. Survived to the first-years must members alterations, Kennybal Smith is nowadays a four-piece family, united as one against bad days, bad mood, dishonesty and all the spoiled currents.

It is hard to find a moment in our lives that can be compared with moments lived behind the rehearsal place's walls and on stage. Sour sweat droplets on the face hands and chest constantly dropping on the floor, soaked shirt, deep breathing. And while loud shouts calm the restless feelings inside, the guitar riffs carve the joy into our hearts. It's simple but meaningful. We love it so much. We have so much fun. This is what we call freedom. And this is why we keep going on. Music itself keeps us going on, as a band, and in life too.

In our short history we have had the great opportunity to play with a few bands that we love and admire so much: Lagwagon (USA), Burning Heads (Fra), The Real McKenzies (Can), Al and the black cats (USA), The Capaces (Spa), Elvis Jackson (Slo), Golliwog (Slo), In-Sane (Slo), Evenrain (Slo). We played also with other great bands like : Mad Caddies (USA), Pepper (USA), Break the Silence (USA), BeerBong (I), Fat prezident (Cro), Amanda Woodward (Fra) to name a few. All the experiences were great and unique. Our debut album "Small actions-Big reactions" was released on December 14th 2007 and we are finishing up songs for the new one. See you around.''

This is one of the best punk-rock albums from Slovenia  for sure. The songs are different and quality enough to keep the CD in your player longer than just first time. Kennybal Smith show great amount of talent and including musical guests was also a great idea.
KS take you from melodic singalongs and guitar solos, leaning on strong lyrical backbone, to almost epic conclusion of the album with the song Stolen Childhood in fat 30 minutes.

You don't have it yet? GET IT! - kennybalsmith@gmail.com
Kennybal Smith MySpace.


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