Ženevski Dekret (Geneve Decree) - 10 Godina (10 Years)

Ženevski Dekret - 10 Godina, 1997 Bosnia unreleased Punk/Hc (12 tracks, 41 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@V0, 68MB) Ženevski Dekret formed in Mostar - Bosnia in 1984, playing trash HC Punk under influence of Finish HC bands of that time. Their first album called "MOSTAR" was recorded in Slovenia in '87. After the debut release their singer left because of personal differences. In 1988 their second full length was recorded with new singer in Sarajevo, called "DONT WANNA BE A PART OF FUCKIN' MASS", including some wider specter of punk/hc/r'n'r styles. They've been one of more influential bands in that time Yugoslavia, played alot of shows and appeared on various compilations (Čudeža nebo CASS, Naša četica koraka CASS, The Return of Yugoslavia LP, High Road To Obscurity CD, No Border Jam 4&5 CD, Ni Strahu VHS...) In 1996 three members met by coincidence in Sweden, where they moved to. And in March 1997 they recorded 10 Godina (10 Years) album with new guitarist, that was never officialy released. (The rumor is it was supposed to be released by Slovenian Front Rock Records from Maribor.) In 1998/99 they played few shows and than band members moved to other projects. In 2006 they announced a reunion with new album to come out "THE BEST OF"(1985-2006) with remastered songs from the past and some new ones. I believe it was also never officially released. In January 2007 their dear friend and original lead guitarist Djoko passed away, which was a very sad experience for the band and after that they decided to take break with Geneve Decree. Ženevski Dekret MySpace Download

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