Center Za Dehumanizacijo - CZD

Center Za Dehumanizacijo - CZD The story of CZD – Center for Dehumanization begins in the late 1970’s and early 80's when its forming members Bojan Tomažič and Dušan Hedl were playing in bands Butli, Džumbus and Masaker. All of them together formed a closely connected scene which was centered around the club in Trate, at the same time functioning as one of the first punk clubs in this part of Europe (besides the FV in Ljubljana). Regular guests were people from Maribor as well as other parts of Slovenia and former Yugoslavia, mixed with guests from Austria, which was one of the reasons the band members and others were accused of espionage. Among other activities they published the Bla, bla, bla fanzine and in 1984, CZD was formed. Starting off as a trio, the band later appeared on the Novi rock festival in the former Yugoslavia. Dušan Hedl started his own record publishing business, at first for his own band CZD, and later on Front Rock and its vinyl release developed into a proper underground institution. CZD soon became a legend, with the help of their friends on the punk scene their first tape appeared on every possible punk consuming point across the globe. The band kept publishing records and touring Europe, and several books were published about the band and the club. In 2003 performed at the European capital of culture opening in Graz (Austria) and in 2004 at the Punk kongress in Kassel (Germany). The forming members Dušan and Bojan are also the founders of a punk singing choir called Punkapella (with Mike Pride), seated in New York. CZD offers an incredible story, and once becoming its part, there is no saving you. By listening to their work, you will invariably become a patient of the Center For Dehumanization. (David Mestrovsky – CZD patient) Taken from the: ''Prvi člen: The Constitution'' LP inlay Here is almost complete discography of this legendary, underground but still very influental and culturaly active band and movement called Center For Dehumanization. It is missing only ON THE RED SCREEN - 1994 7'' and POKOZLANE TRATE - 1996 CD. You can still get most of their music and shirts (and other Front Rock releases,) direct from Mr. Dušan Hedl by visiting SUBKULTURNI-AZIL page. Visit Subkulturni-azil page for more information, pictures, videos, discographys and more.. Or write to: subazil@mail.ljudmila.org


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