No Limits - www.borba.non-stop

No Limits - www.borba.non-stop, 2003
Slovenia PINA, 2003

(14 tracks, 40 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@V0, 87MB)

No Limits have a long way behind them, since they stared way back in 1990 under name 'MENTAL AFFLICTION'. They played over 100 shows, the band had also some member fluctuations and mixed genres from HC to Crust, Oi, Trash... Their discography is: Our little Wooden House - Demo tape (1993), Jurassic Punk - Live tape (1998) and www.borba.non-stop - full length (2003). There is more exact No Limits BIO, from Radio Študent, included in the file. Here is what it says at InterPunk where you can still GET the www.borba.non-stop CD. 40 minutes of powerful hardcore that will throw you out of your seats and give you a reason to slam around your room a bit. Jumping from crust to ska or from Oi to trash (with a hint of melody thrown in), No Limits have their first official release after 12 years of playing together. It was worth the wait - they have a grown-up sound that gels power, speed and aggression. NO LIMITS are a fresh kick in the hardcore scene - be sure to hear more about them in the near future, a Slovenian (ex-Yugolavia) shark attack in the underground ocean. You can also get it by contacting band via No Limits MySpace.


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