Gužva U Bajt - Demo

Gužva U Bajt - Demo, 2005 Slovenia Diy, 2005 Street Punk (15 tracks, 39 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@VO, 60MB) G.U.B. exist since 2004 and are from Ljubljana. By their own words from G.U.B. MySpace they are none political band that follows drunk-punk ideals and represents alternative to rich pussy punk bands and political activists. They are trying to represent their own view of the world, that is everything, but following political ideals. Their goal in performing is not to change society, but to enjoy life and things they love to do. You can find 11 own tracks and 4 covers (Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Partibrejkers and Pankrti). Situations from everday life are presented on this demo thorugh classic three chord (street) Punk! The band is still active and they have new CD out called 'Nikad pankera od nas' that you can get by asking on G.U.B. MySpace. Download

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