Stranci - Zavrnjeno

Stranci - Zavrnjeno, 2005

Stranci, 2005
Punk, Garage, Rock 'n' roll
(13 tracks, 37min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@320kbps, 85MB)

The group from Celje, was founded in May 2002.
In December 2003 Stranci closed themselves into Studio Ant and recorded the material for the new CD with the title Zavrnjeno (Rejected). So in October 2005 the new CD from Stranci finally came to light. The CD Zavrnjeno was published by the author with a limited edition of 500 copies. Stranci believe that the CD is somewhere between the music of garage bands and hard rock. There are 12 authorial songs on the CD and also an adaptation of the song Lepi in prazni (The beautiful and the empty) by the legendary Pankrti. (taken from Stranci MySpace page)
This CD is free, you just pay the posting. You can order it on Stranci MySpace. Check some pictures on official page.
This is a raw and qualitiy album.
Nice 13 part Garage Punk 'n' roll pack with mainly serbo-croatian and few lyrics in slovenian language.


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