Strung Out - Live in Slovenia

Strung Out - Live in Slovenia @ Orto Bar Ljubljana, 26.4.2008

My own recording, 26.4.2008
Punk Rock, Hc
(17 tracks, 55min, Digital camera~Ulead video studio~WAV~Lame~Mp3@320kbps, 136MB)

Ok. I fucked up first song and started recording in the middle of second one.
The show was fantastic, even I'm not a huge fan of Strung out.
Jason was pretty stoned (some methamphetamines) IMO!
That is how every punk rock show should look like. NO security, NO fence and 10 feet safety space in front of stage.
Straight contact with the band.
There was a lot of stage diving and even some chicks were doing it :)
Even old Punk rocking farts would be satisfied with the action.

Track list (Thanks to elfactor):

Blackhawks Over Los Angeles (not complete) 0:43
Kill Your Scene 3:05
No Voice Of Mine 2:36
Ice Burn + Ultimate Devotion 6:50
Analog 2:46
Mission Statement 3:17
Exhumation Of Virginia Madison (intro) 0:50
Exhumation Of Virginia Madison 4:10
Letter Home 3:41
Velvet Alley 3:17
Solitaire 6:02
Firecracker 3:02
Matchbook 4:43
''We want more :P'' 1:17
Calling 5:55
Got the time (Joe Jackson cover) 3:10
Bring out your death 4:41

Download 1/2
Download 2/2

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