Dr. Zero - Dirty Way

Dr. Zero - Dirty way, 2006

Subkulturni Azil, 2006
Garage r'n'r punk

(10 tracks, 28 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@V0, 70MB)

''The story begins in 1999 when Robert Breznik (bass guitar), Boris Bezjak (drums) and Miran Perko (vocals, guitar) meet at a point when quite a few bands fall to ruins. That same year, the bands Delaware and Paragraf meet their bitter end. The guys establish there is just enough of them left to form a new band. A rock'n'roll band. Dr. Zero. Their first concert was held at a cultural club Kud Zid na meji, followed by 17 more concerts of which the ones in Ormož (club Unterhund) and Maribor (club Pekarna) are especially worth mentioning. In the summer of 2002 they record their first studio album entitled Dr. Zero. They themselves take care of the production of sound and the cover design of the album. They record the album in a studio known as Studio na meji and it gets released that same year at a record company Subkulturni azil (Subcultural Asylum)...'' read the whole BIO at DrZero MySpace.

Pure garage r'n'r punk-rock from the very North-East of Slovenia. These are both albums from Dr. Zero.
In my opinion second one (Dirty way) is far better than the debut one, well yes progress is to be expected.
But you be the judge for your self.
The band is still around and plays shows here and there.
You can still get both albums by contacting: miran17@gmail.com


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