Sinking Ships - Discography

Sinking Ships - Discography, 2004-2008 USA (Washington) 6131 Rec, Revelation Records, Self r. Melodic new Hardcore Discography: 2004 DEMO (7 tracks, 11 min, 7''Vinyl~?~Lame~Mp3@VBR) 2005 Turn My Headphones Up (track from: Generations - A Hardcore Compilation) 2006 DISCONNECTING (12 tracks, 30 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@VBR) 2006 MERIDIAN (12 tracks, 23 min, CD~EAC~Lame~Mp3@VBR) 2007 TEN (4 tracks, 8 min, 7''Vinyl~?~Lame~Mp3@V2) 2007 SAFE (2 tracks, 4 min, 7''Vinyl~?~Lame~Mp3@V2) 2008 S/T (2 tracks, 4 min, CD~?~Lame~Mp3@256kbps) This is one of the best representatives of so called New HardCore. The music is sometimes fast sometimes slow, but always melodic and emotional. The Vocals are just perfect for their sound. The band rise from nothing and reached world fame in HC circles. They toured alot and released everything you see listed above in all formats, colors and different pressings.. Only Meridian and Disconnecting are released also on CD, the rest is on vinyl. The last self titled 7inch holds two tracks released also ona 3 way split CD with As we let go and My love. Meridian is actually re-mastered/re-recorded? demo minus one track, plus 6 new songs. The last 7inch releases show some changes to their sound, being a bit slower and not so complete experience of a band. Technically not the best band, but still Sinking Ships stamped their name on 2000s Hc scene, with some great songs and few that they could have worked on some more... The band quit in 2008 after some label and inside issues. Definitely worth of download and listening! Sinking Ships MySpace Download 1/2 Download 2/2

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