O! Kult - Novi Rock '82

O! Kult - Novi Rock '82, Live in Križanke, 1982 Slovenia (Yug) Radio Študent-1982, Remastered 2007 Punk (6tracks, 20min, Mp3@192kbps, 28MB) O! KULT was established on May 4 1982 at 3:05pm, on the second anniversary of the death of the president of the then Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, marshal Tito. The group emerged and was active in Medvode near Ljubljana. O! KULT was first of all an uncompromisingly direct and politically engaged punk group. It was active from 1982 to 1986. Because of its political engagement, the group O! KULT was one of the more censored and controlled groups in the then Socialist Republic of Slovenian as well as of Yugoslavia. This live recording is 20 minutes of pure punk action, O! KULT played six songs. Because of the uncompromisingly direct and politically and social lyrics and statements, two of the songs were censored and not broadcasted live on Radio Slovenia (Tovariši! - Čigavi, Zahvala zahvalam). Taken from: http://okult.wordpress.com/2008/10/22/a-brief-bio-about-o-kult/ Check Official O! Kult page for more info and to order retrospective DVD. All songs and texts conceived and written by: Brane Zorman Download

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