Special Forces - Special Forces

Special Forces - Special Forces, 1987

New Wave, 1987
Hardcore, Punk

(11 tracks, 21min, Vinyl~Audacity~Lame~Mp3@ VBR 264kbps,  51MB)

Special Forces formed in 1983 in Berkely, CA.
They play Hardcore and punk, old school style.
This is theirs second full length. They released demo tape in '83, two LPs [WORLD DOMINATION LP (Boner, 1984) and S/T (New Wave, 1987)] plus two 7 inch [RED, WHITE AND BLUE 7" (Shredder, 1991), POSTHUMOUSLY YOURS 7" (Cheetah Records, 2000)]
So this S/T album is kind of hard to track down on the internet and I was lucky enough to find this record and buy it.
Originally I ripped it in FLAC, but I converted it into Mp3 in favor of smaller size.
Enjoy, this is "BERKELY HARDCORE".


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